Monday, February 21, 2011


for some reason, i've been thinking that i HAD to get a gray wig. i didn't even think that black would work. therefore, i've finally purchased a wig. however, i accidentally shipped it to my parents' house. i will be retrieving it this weekend, fingers crossed!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


dress number 1
two piece

dress number 2


there is a 3rd dress that's purple, but alas, i can't fit into it anymore.

possible locations

i am still trying to figure out a good location and i started thinking about outdoor spaces that could maybe work. most of these are located extremely close to streets and i don't know if i'd have to get permission from the building owners to use the space outside their business. some of these places are also really sketchy...

this is one of my friend's backyards. i broke in under cover of darkness to check it out (don't worry, she knew i was coming,) but it was a lot smaller than i remembered. i have a feeling the ambient light from the neighbors' yards might affect the photo. i have another yard that's a lot bigger than this one that i need to check out soon.

the best choice in bryan belongs to a small business on main street. they have a lovely fence keeping out strange people.

this place might be torn down in a few days. no idea.

Monday, February 14, 2011

face painting round 1!

my silver/gray face paint finally came in, so i gave it a try. the directions said to apply with a wet sponge, however it started pulling some off as i was putting it on. i'll have to play with it some more before i figure out the best way to put it on. my face has about 2.5 coats on, but below the chin it's only 1 coat.

i converted this picture into grayscale, except for the dress, just to see the difference.

next on my shopping list, colored hair spray or a gray wig.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


here are a few photographs that are similar to what i'm aiming for. i would like to build a simple set that can be very versatile, but until then, i think i will start with putting a grayscale person in a colored scene.
sandy skoglund
fox games

sock situation

the cold war

the wedding

this image is not by sandy, but it's got the simplicity of what i'm looking for in terms of set design.

to do list:
- find a model
- paint him/her
- clothe him/her in grayscale clothing

i've ordered gray body paint, and hopefully there's enough of it to get through at least one shoot. so much experimentation going on!!