Wednesday, November 2, 2011

concept storyboard

actions (left to right):

1. ohhh...alright... - picking up phone
2. christina - watches girls walk by window
3. beach and ethel - walking by window laughing
4. pearl - turning to look over shoulder at the camera, then back at the table
5. piano - picking up fruit
6. automat - drinking coffee
7. girl drawing - drawing pearl
8. madame x - looks at table, then looks away in disgust

1 comment:

  1. Good beginning to your process. I like the two in front giving us the once over, observing us, maybe even challenging us. Can this more complex image last longer than a little bit of time, since so much is happening... (Does one thing by one person cause a response in another?) or do you prefer that it all happens at once? Or both? Madame X is responding to the others. Ah, and Christina is watching the girls walk by. While you are going to the trouble to do this, maybe there is a way to kill 2 or 3 or 4 birds at the same time... maybe you could think of the pic that happens before, during, and after - so you get even more mileage out of your effort???? End up with a series of images? I would love to see someone punch out Madam X for example, or turn and tell the phone person to shut up, or Christina could move forward somehow, maybe the piano lady could throw fruit at Madame X. This could be sort of like the photos Glen takes in Viz: the serious group portrait and then the silly one.... Oh, just a thought. Going to be good. Should work as high res prints too.... Can that work out too? Use a very good camera for each shot, and then also shoot video?